Top 10 Small Business Ideas 2018 That Can Grow Big

Are you looking for starting your own business? Well, these top 10 small business ideas 2018 may help your need and allow you finding the right business to start. Business can actually channel moms’ ambition to earn cash in a great way. Most of these business ideas require low investment of less than $10.000 so moms do not have to get loans from the bank. Each business requires particular skill and passion.

#1. Resume Services

Making a resume can be a tricky job. Many people who look for jobs get lost in it. In the end, regardless of their competency and skill, they get kicked out of the market just because of bad resume. So, if you are a mom and have a skill in writing especially in making a resume, help others by offering resume services. In this business, you will be the one responsible making the resume that describes clients’ special skills, interest and experiences in a good and attractive way that the person can get hired.

#2. Personal Shopper

If you love shopping, being a personal shopper is a great business idea. You will be assisting others to shop for anything depending on the requests including gifts for special occasions like anniversaries, weddings and birthday parties. And, you may also be hired by collectors or interior designers. You don’t need to have experience. You only need to have great instincts in shopping and selecting the best items that your clients request.

#3. Homebase Alteration Service

This time, you will start a business in providing fabric and garment alteration services from your house. Call out people who have skills in sewing and ask them to be your employee. This business brings many potential customers including costume shops, consignment clothing shops, drapery studios, bridal boutiques, uniform retailers, fashion retailers and dry cleaners. To sell more products, you should be really good in the alteration to create new better products.

#4. Valet Parking Services

If you wish to start a valet parking service, there are only three requirements including outgoing friendly personality, third-party liability insurance and driver’s license. This business requires low investment which is less than $2.000 yet it gives a lot of profit especially if you often receive big tips from your clients. The market of this business is wide open including events, parties, wedding planners, corporation hosting conventions, charity groups, trade show organizers and organizations.

#5. Children Party Service

To get this business started, you need to have love of children and good skill in party planning. Parents who are willing to spend much more for the birthday parties of their kids are your potential customers. There are basically two ways in terms of running this business. You work run it on mobile basis which means the party is held at client’s location. Or, you can rent certain space to host the party.

#6. Cupcake and Cake Bakery

Who doesn’t love cupcake? So, if you have a passion and skill in bakery, try making your own cupcake factory and sell it to everyone who loves it. Your job also includes decorating cupcakes for special occasions according to client’s request. Make a good contact with bridal shops, photographers, wedding planners, catering companies, restaurants, event coordinators and kids party planners.

#7. Personal Chef

Run a business of mobile kitchen by being a personal chef. A perfect business if you have strong passion in food. Your job includes preparing gourmet meals for clients who house parties and other special occasions. This job is a great alternative business for those who have low capital to start a culinary business. Instead of opening restaurant that requires big money, this business sounds better.

#8. Artisanal Food Manufacturing

If you consider yourself having the passion or obsession in secret recipe, this business sounds just like a good idea. In this business, you will make small batch foods and sell it at the upscale local restaurants, food shops, or the farmers markets. Products you can sell include candies, truffles, flavored salt, infused oils, pickled vegetables, jerky, hot sauces, butters and fruit jellies.

#9. Music Lessons

Skill in playing musical instrument should be well used to open a business in music lessons. You can start by opening private music lessons for clients in the neighborhood. It becomes a great way to capitalize on your skill and talents. As the clients grow, you can hire other musicians to help you and share the profit. In average, you can get $10-$40 per hour.

#10. Crafts and Arts Instructor

This business idea requires skill in arts and crafts. As an instructor, you will share your skill and knowledge in painting, knitting, printmaking and so many more types of arts and crafts. Make classes and advertise it online. You can hold the class in your house or rent specific area.