Small Business Ideas in Nigeria

Some people think that it is impossible to start a business in a harsh environment like Nigeria. Actually, they are wrong because there are small business ideas in Nigeria you can start. This is concerning to the fact that Nigeria is in development and they need innovative products and services to offer. Nigeria is also considered as the largest economy in Africa. So, what kind of small business ideas you can start in Nigeria?

Livestock Farming Business

Believe it or not, this business is a booming business in Nigeria. The types of products you can sell are also various. It is better to sell poultry products because people need it everyday. Those are including egg, meat, milk, beef, and many more. Specific product such as rabbit, goat, sheep, catfish, and tilapia fish is also a profitable business you can start now in Nigeria. You don’t have to prepare a very large area only to start this great business. In fact, you can start it only from your own backyard. As long as you are offering high quality livestock and poultry products, there will be always demand from this small business.

Inland Waterway Transport Business

It is also considered as one of profitable small business ideas in Nigeria. Thanks to the areas in Nigeria which is surrounded by rivers, lakes, seas, and creeks. This condition triggers great business such as inland waterway transport. Transportation device is still a challenge in Nigeria. Sometimes, it is hard to go to specific area and waterway transport can be the only transportation you can use. There is no complicated thing to prepare. What you have to do is preparing a boat and the legal permission from the government and you are ready to run the boat to earn money.

Uniform Suppliers

If you love fashion you may start by opening a uniform store as your small business. Don’t underestimate this kind of business because it can be a prospect business in Nigeria. Just count how many schools in Nigeria. If you have wider network, you can also handle big project such as uniform for the Nigerian army, police, government, and many more. It is not a complicated business as long as you love everything relating to sewing, fashion, fabric, and many more. Just imagine how much money if you can handle those projects.

Haulage Business

Transportation is really a profitable business in Nigeria. Nigerians are difficult to find the best transportation especially to move their goods. At the same time, they need to move their goods as fast as it can due to the weather changing. Just offer a solution by preparing a truck or a boat to move their goods. You may start with one truck or one boat and see how it goes. You might be busy because your truck has to move specific products such as poultry goods, frozen foods, petroleum products, gas, and many more. To get more clients, you need to promote your business to logistic companies. Then, you can decide the price based on the time they want to hire your truck or boat. It is really a great business for long term earning.

Bus Service

Besides transporting goods, the people are also need to move from one area to the other areas. It is hard for them to find the best transportation. Boat is only one of the transportation's they can afford. How about if they want to go from land route? Using a bus is the best answer. If you really want to develop a transportation business in Nigeria, you can start it by preparing a bus. Just see how people there react on your business. Your bus will be used by specific institutions such as school, religious organizations, corporations, and many more. It will be great if they make a long term contract with you because you can get more money regularly from this business.


More and more Nigerians are trying to find better job for better income. The most problem is the lack of skill. To overcome this problem, you can offer a training center. You can be a teacher which can give something to increase their skills. The possible training center you can develop is including skill and vocational training center, corporate management skill training, and many more. The most important thing is learning about what they need and offer it to them.

From the list above, it can be concluded that there is still a chance even in a harsh area. The list shows to you that there is more than one possibility you can do there. Those small business ideas in Nigeria are great so you can earn money and survive in that harsh area.