Small Business Ideas in India To Get Started Right Away

There are more than enough choices of small business ideas in India that promise good earning amount. The market feasibility and trends in India is different than in developed countries like UK. So the types of business are different as well. With the right management, these businesses can actually make the owner billionaire. Let’s check out the businesses ideas that can be started within several weeks.

Temping Services

A good business idea that becomes good source of money. It means you provide particular event management firm that is completed with manpower services. In fact, it actually may extend to handle the film industry. You only need to be skilled in handling clients and networking. When the firm gets bigger, so does the income.

Private Tuition

If you have good academic credentials, make use of it by becoming private tutor. It is a lucrative business idea promising a good income. You can start offering the services to persons you know and in the neighborhood. If some students can be handled in group, feel free to do it. But if some students prefer to be handled individually, you should be willing to do it as well. There is only one more requirement for being private tutor, a very good knowledge in the subject.

Shoe-Wash Business

The shoe-wash business has now becoming a potential business idea in certain countries including India and other countries in Asia. It actually is a pretty easy business that requires only few tools to start including toothbrushes and detergent. For a young entrepreneur, it can be a good business especially if the place is set up in the middle of crowds like in the mall. With great marketing skill, it may grow bigger and better.

Food Delivery Service

More people are now having limited time to be on the road. This means they just don’t have enough time to handle their daily needs so a delivery service makes a really good thing for them. Your idea of food delivery service can be very potential as it is mostly in high demand from time to time. Give reliable service and your customers will love it.

School Uniforms Provisions

In this business, you will actually be like a salesman. What you will sell are school uniforms to the schools throughout India. If you can make several schools are your customers, this business can give good amount of money. It is important though to be persuasive and have a good link with reliable manufacturer for good quality of products.

Property Management

Another potential business idea which requires adequate marketing skills to make the business into good source of money. In this business, you will be dealing with many paperwork but these hard works will be paid off once you receive the money.

Wedding Planning Business

People in India have a thing with wedding ceremonies. So, it is only right when many of them are willing to have the ceremonies on grand scale especially the riches. And, just like anywhere in the world, a wedding planner service is very popular. To get a lot of clients, you need to be creative though and offer the most unique and beautiful wedding concepts to the clients. And, it is a big plus if you have contacts with wedding items vendors and suppliers.

Real Estate Consultant

Just like anywhere in the world, real estate has always been a very potential business. In India, your skill in real estate can be a good source of money. Charge the clients every time they request for a consultancy with you. And, you can also help them finding the right property to buy.

Grocery Delivery Business

This business idea is actually similar to food delivery service. Only, what you will deliver is grocery. This makes a lucrative opportunity which may give good amount of money. Charge the clients with fee every time you deliver their groceries. And, make sure to be friendly and reliable to get more customers.

Custom Made Chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolate? You can also be a chocolatier in India. Just learn the process on how to make homemade chocolate, find good quality chocolate and start the business. Sell original and unique ideas in every chocolate product you make. Sell it both offline and online. Don’t forget to get permit from the government.

Online Ads Service Business

You may be surprised of how many young people in India are actually earning money online through ads service business. It is a very potential business that requires you to have websites to display the ads. The more visitors coming to your sites, the bigger the earning is.