Small Business Ideas for Veterans with Skills

Business belongs to everyone including veterans. Actually, these small business ideas for veterans are very potential to let them earn decent amount of money to afford their living because we all know how many veterans out there who are not able to live decently. Most of these business ideas rely on the veterans’ skill. So, it is like making use of their skills instead of requiring them to learn other skills just to start a business. If you are a veteran or one of your family is veteran, share this information to them. Perhaps, this will become a way for them to earn more money and become rich.

Off Road Tours

Start a business in providing off road tours in touristic areas. Veterans usually have good driving skills including driving a 4x4 wheel truck. So, this business idea simply makes a good choice to earn money. It can be operated full and part time depending on your time availability. The start-up cost for this business is around $50.000 to $100.000 with franchise available so it doesn’t need to be started from zero. Today, the market for this business is getting better as more people are willing to pay high price for vacations.

Firearm Training

Most veterans are skill in using firearms. What is a better way to earn money than to make use of the existing skill. What great about this business is the fact that it requires low start-up cost which is only around $2.000 to $10.000 and is able to be operated part time. Teach others in firearm training so they can safely use, store and also maintain the guns they own. However, veterans must have certification in order to be an instructor.

Disaster Preparation and Planning Services

During their training, veterans are taught on how to prepare and plan against disaster. This skill actually makes a potential opportunity to start a business that can be based full and part time. With start-up cost of less than $50.000, this business makes a good choice. In the country, the threats from wildfires, hurricanes and other natural disasters are always present so it is important for everyone in this country to be prepared of any possibility. This need has made this emergency-service a promising business to start that will grow over the years.

Special Event Security

Veterans are gifted with special guarding skills that should not be wasted when they are no longer in service. One of the ways to make use of these special skills is to open a business in special event security. There are many events requiring special security held across the country every week so the market for this business is very good. What the veterans will do is to help controlling the crowns and attendees. It is a low risk business with low start up costs too which is less than $10.000.

Extreme Adventure Trips

Veterans are family with adventures including the extreme ones because they were so used to give service in remote areas. Consider this experience as great thing to have as it can become an opportunity to open a new business. The extreme adventure trips require low start-up cost of less than $10.000 can it is also possible to be operated part time. Take your clients to any extreme adventure trips and work with many adventure travel companies around the world. You can even work in other parts of the world.

Self Defense Training

This business idea again makes use of skills of the veterans. In other words, veterans do not need to learn other skills. Self defense is a part of daily training that veterans receive while they were still at the service. It can actually grow into big business with many potential customers especially the famous celebrities and their guards.

Outdoor and Survival Training

For veterans, outdoor and survival training is only natural and a part of their daily life back at their service. This skill means the veterans are experienced in wilderness first aid, avalanche rescue and other operations. The customers are many especially the outdoor enthusiasts living across the country. This business requires less than $50.000 of start-up cost.

Residential Security Consultant

A business in residential security consultant is potential one. Veterans with military background are perfect fit. The business can grow pretty big despite of the fact that it requires less than $10.000 of start-up cost. It can be beyond giving defense training and selling homeowners alarms systems. It can be started as part time business before you finally make it a full time one.