Small Business Ideas for Teens

Are you a teenager and interested to start your business in the near future? Well, first of all, you are definitely inspiring. However, it doesn’t mean you can just simply spend your money for capital without thinking about the strategies. Being careless is a big “No” for sure particularly if you only think about how to gain more profits. There is something to keep on your mind; whatever the business you take, you must have a perspective that it should be last longer. It is not a big deal if the profit is probably less and not significant at the beginning. More than that, you must know what kind of business to be established. As a teenager, you are not required to take a business which is too puzzling or complicated. It is even better to spend money as less as possible and use your interest or hobby as the inspiration. Therefore, you will not find it boring. Here are then some small business ideas for teens you can follow.

Make up and Fashion Reseller

This business is more appropriate for teenage girls anyway. Nowadays, many big brands of beauty care and fashion let the customers be the resellers. There are many advantages of joining this program. Aside from getting profit in the form of money, you can get free samples of products as well as discounts if you want to buy them. Indeed, the money as profit you can get is probably not really high. But it is surely plenty enough for your additional pocket money. Although it is common for the reseller to spend some amount of money at first as the capital, the number is not big anyway.

Culinary Business

Culinary business has broader meaning indeed. for teenagers, it is better to choose types of foods to sell that are simple and easy to make. Making and selling snacks seem better than main menu. You can start it by making cupcake, brownies, jelly, and some others. if you don’t know the recipe, it is not a big problem now since it must be available in the internet. Make sure to be more creative so that the snacks you sell are not too conventional. You can make some innovations in term of shapes, colors, and tastes to make it look more attractive. The main important thing for any culinary business is that the taste must be delicious. Besides, make sure also you know well the common taste owned by the target customers. Do they like a cake which is so sweet or they may want to diet so that the sugar should be less? Yes, observe what they want if it is needed.


For you who love making handicraft, why don’t you take advantages of this hobby? It undeniably values money. Particularly, it is if there are many people who praise your works whether it is beautiful or neat. There are many kinds of handicraft you can make. Certainly, make sure you are capable or even expert enough to make them. Women accessories like brooch, hairpin, and others are some of the ideas. Besides, if you like drawing, painting, or making some other artworks, just use your skills to make money. You can sell it by yourself using your social media platforms. Besides, it is better also to use third party to market the products. it is like by entrusting the merchandise in a shops. Although the profit may be divided into two, it is still an effective method.


The development of certain image-based social media like Instagram make many people want to post their best photoshot indeed. It is surely a promising thing to build business. It is particularly if you like photography as well as have the equipments needed like professional series of camera. You can learn more about photography like how to capture perfectly without too many editing before starting the business. To promote this business, you can start by capturing pictures of your family or friends for free and then post them in your social media accounts. As the beginner, you should not fix the rate too high.

Private Teacher

You can use your skills and knowledge from school or college to teach your junior anyway. It depends on your wants whether you prefer teaching a student at home privately or let him be with their friends and then teach them classically. Not only is it good to make money and improve connection, sharing your knowledge is really advantageous for many people. It must be an inner satisfaction.